fredag den 6. juli 2012

CS sketch-club: First Date

and another Cartoon Saloon sketch-club piece..

CS sketch-club: Bad Boy

artwork from one of the many and awesome Cartoon Saloon sketch-club themes!


now who couldn't like a picture of blue and pink horses.

and a little lady

world cup

and so happened the soccer world cup of 2010 spain-holland...sorta....

The Silent People - teaser 2010

And then there is finally a DANISH project! Directed by fabulous Dorte Bengtson, whom I previously worked with on her Cannes nominated short film The Sylphid (danish title: Sylfidden)

This project is style-wise  still much in development!

I started designing the charaters on this just after finishing designs on some VERY cartoon-saloon styled projects (at Cartoon Saloon), and the graphics tagged along to this project. When we get on with the style development it is our wish to move away from the so called Secret of Kells style..!


cartoon saloon 2010 project

more monkey

or supposedly great ape? In any case, them monkeys be fun to drrrrraaaaw.

Skunk Fu

After the great success of Cartoon Saloons tv-series Skunk Fu, they started contemplating the idea of a second series or even a potential feature. These are some of the concepts that came from it...


And then there was Vegtoons. An innovative outreach campaign to contribute to the dialogue of our omnivorous society.Produced by Greg Singer. Designed and animated by Cartoon Saloon



Then there was the bachelor film from The Animation Workshop - Leitmotif - 2008
A 7ish min short film made with 3 brilliant friends.
To see more work from this visit my old blog here

onsdag den 4. juli 2012