mandag den 3. september 2012

Team Generous 2012 - WIP work

Allright. This is some of the work in progress material from the 2 week start-to-finish project
Team Generous 2012 - WWF verdensnaturfonden

Follow the Panda!

produced and directed by Nørlum studio

Team Generous 2012 - the film

WWF - Verdensnaturfonden
Følg Pandaen!

The complete film by danish brilliant studio Nørlum!

Their Team Generous 2012
have this year spent their 2 weeks on a short film in aid of WWF.

idea, story and direction by Jeanette Nørgaard,
also known for direction of the award winning films Hund i Himlen and Leitmotif.

Team Generous 2012:
Frederik Villumsen - Jeanette Nørgaard 
Marie Thorhauge - Rebecca Sørensen  - Laura B. Schjødt - Rikke Skovgaard - Drude Mangaard - Martín Vallespir - Nicolas Vetterli - Ditte Davidsen - Jericca Cleeland - Claudia Bækhave - Mapodile Mkhabela