lørdag den 28. december 2013


 Njord - God of Sea and Wind. Father of Freyr and Freyja.

 Loki - a Jötunn living in Ásgarðr. A shapeshifter, Trickster and God of mischief...

 Freyr - God of crops, abundance and virility.

tirsdag den 14. maj 2013


norse god of wisdom, sorcery and runes

(I really should have waited to upload him until tomorrow, Wednesday
 - in danish Onsdag = Odins day)

lørdag den 11. maj 2013


norse god of fertility and birth

(just added her feather cloak and her necklace Brísingamen. Now I just need to do the illustration where we can see her in her chariot pulled by two cats...)