torsdag den 15. januar 2015

Song of the Sea - Oscar Nominated!!!


Song of the Sea is nominated for Best Animated Feature!
And LOOK at the awesome company it is in!

Could not be more proud to have worked on this.
HUGE congratulations to the entire team of Cartoon Saloon and all the co-producers.

You did it again, Tomm!!


We're also excited to be attending the Annie Awards at the end of January. 
Among other great nominations, we got "Outstanding Achievement for Character Design in an Animated Feature Production".

See you there?

tirsdag den 13. januar 2015

søndag den 11. januar 2015


Demeter - she of the Grain
goddess of the harvest - the cycle of life and death.

She is goddess of the earth and fertility.
In many ways similar to the Nordic Freyja; but
I thought it would be fun to go another way with her... 

(Her daughter persephone was abducted to the underworld, and Demeter is usually depicted with a torch - to symbolize her continued search for her daughter.) 

fredag den 9. januar 2015


- Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals - 
known as goddess of the hunt.

So here on the flipside of the new year -
couldn't think of anything better than open up for Greek Mythology.
oh 2015.

onsdag den 7. januar 2015

Puffin Rock - season1 preview

Fianlly! The much anticipated preview of the season1 preschool show from Cartoon Saloon. It was a pleasure being background lead. Go look! Dead cute :)

Puffin Rock from Puffin Rock on Vimeo.

søndag den 4. januar 2015

Wonder Woman - animated!

Wooo! My animation friend and hero >Sandra N. Andersen< did an animated gif using my Wonder Woman design! So cool. 
We collaborated a bit on making the pose work. Then Sandra did her magic.
So bad-ass.