onsdag den 29. juli 2015

Vala - first sketch

sketching out a design for an all new Shieldmaiden.
Vala is the anglicized form of vǫlva or völva - meaning "wand carrier" or "carrier of a magic staff".
Another name for the Völva is fjölkunnig (plenty of knowing) indicating she knew seiðr, spá and galdr.

It basically means that she is a seer or witch.
I thought it would be interesting to have one of the shieldmaidens using a force that isn't an actual weapon...

*originally I had her holding a fireball in her raised hand.... need to figure out what to do with that....

tirsdag den 28. juli 2015


I played around with the names a bit and have now renamed this
delicate flower - Ragna. (sporting the Double Morningstar)

I wanted to color her up in a quite soft and pale scale to keep her femininity - because Ragna is all woman.

søndag den 26. juli 2015

Young Tora

Young Tora

- so far the youngest of the Shieldmaidens. But I wouldn't mess with her....

fredag den 24. juli 2015

Shieldmaidens / in the rough

Roughing out ideas for new Shieldmaidens :)
Meet Revna (Bow&Arrow), Ragnhild (Sword&Shield), Estrid (Double Morningstar) and young Tora (Mega Axe)

mandag den 20. juli 2015

torsdag den 16. juli 2015


Odin - Ruler of Valhalla - the house of the Einherjers (slain warriors, chosen to fight in the battle of Ragnarök)

I wanted to remove the design a bit from the classic Grey Wizard/ Gandalf look... But of course he needed to keep his grey beard!
I liked the idea of giving him a bit darker and more devil-like feel. Afterall he is the ruler of a kingdom of dead warriors...

And he of course needed the two Ravens Huginn and Muninn at his side; who informs him of what goes on in the world around.

tirsdag den 14. juli 2015

Odin/ WIP

Working on a new design for Odin....Ruler of Valhalla.

Think I'll add in Huginn & Muninn two.. The ravens who bring news back to Odin from the World. 
(Old norse Huginn = Thought / Muninn = Memory)

søndag den 12. juli 2015

Hel - revamp

A little re-vamp of our dear Hel - ruler of the Kingdom of the Dead.
I'll be working on modelsheets for her and Freya. Soon to come!

You can browse more of the Asgard crowd - limited edition prints - via

fredag den 10. juli 2015