mandag den 10. oktober 2016

All the leafs are brown

autumn #7

And as there is no autumn without Nick Drake -- the title of this is a little nudge to this great fella. :)

tirsdag den 4. oktober 2016

fredag den 30. september 2016

White Oak

Gray squirrel

Nature Series / #2 Autumn

Autumn Squirrel

Been a while since there’s been time for extracuricular work :)
So as a warm up --- here is a little squirrel in a tree!

Red Squirrel

Nature Series / #1 Autumn

fredag den 16. september 2016

Tobar An Amhrain

Concept background from a few months back, made for Paper Panther Productions as part of the Tobar An Amhrain series (irish songs) produced by Cartoon Saloon and TG4 TV :)

mandag den 12. september 2016

lørdag den 6. august 2016

Stranger Things / fanart

Just when I thought I was out, they pullll me back in!

This show. #hooked!

And these kids are INCREDIBLE btw.

tirsdag den 2. august 2016

tirsdag den 21. juni 2016

background study

background study. Working on some textures :)
Architecture based on photo.

onsdag den 25. maj 2016


Looks like we have a new series started!
Meet Antiope :)


tirsdag den 26. april 2016

Holiday card 02

Holiday card 01

Initial attempt at the CTNx holiday card challenge in honor of Eyvind Earles 100th birthday tomorrow. Went a little overboard on the Earle-ness though, haha