tirsdag den 29. marts 2016

Illustration project / WIP

I'm on such a fun illustration project at the moment n__n 
here is a wee snippet of one background, with a little touch of Eyvind Earle

søndag den 27. marts 2016

lørdag den 19. marts 2016


Initially I'd planned to do her as pink and dark-haired (as per the sketch).
But seeing as she _is_ the Greek goddess of love/love-making and fertility,
it seemed the warmer toned palette worked better in the end :)

(so yea, she is bascially Freyjas greek twin ;))

(apologies to any skin-sensitive viewers. Avert your eyes and scroll quick!)

lørdag den 12. marts 2016

Link / 3D model

Woot! 3D student Yuval Tordgeman did a maya/zbrush sculpt of my Link fanart character!
Is he not the cutest?!